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For most my life, I've helped others seeking inspiration, help, or advice. After spending A LOT of time focused on my own needs and mental health, I decided to harness my passion to facilitate change for good and become a public, co-conspirator in educating and advocating for the kind of world I want to be a part of. It's still not always easy for me to say it, but I now acknowledge I am pretty decent at a lot of things! I've been sharing my passions & energy for a long time and realized people were truly being impacted by a willingness to be vulnerable, and found encouragement from a safe, welcoming friend. With that as my frame of mind, I founded JoeBuckInNature with the mission to give others a sense of connection, belonging, and inspiration. I am fueled by my love for nature (especially trees!), and hope that I can find ways to help that resonate with you, too. We can connect and find belonging with ourselves & one another in this beautiful, wonderful world filled with beautiful, wonderful human beings. Thanks for joining me, and I hope to connect with you soon!

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Project Management // Land-use Advisory // Restoration Ecology // Environmental Response // Business Strategy // Leading Teams // Building Community & Teams // Scientific Reports // Science Communications // Content Writing // Presentations // Workshops // Web Design // Impactful Communications // Environmental Education // Public Education // Peer-to-Peer Communication // Training // Group Facilitation
// Fundraising // Business Advisory // Scientific Advisory // Board Advisory

CooRecorder // CDendro // Cofeche // ArcGIS // QGIS // Program R // LMS // Microsoft Office // Web Design // Content Design // Content Management // Woodworking // Heavy Equipment Operator // Sawyer // TIG Welding // Dendrochronology // Dendroarchaeology // Scientific Writing // Microscopy // Wood ID // Flora & Fauna ID

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About me

🌲 Dendrochronologist | Ecologist | Land Use Advisor | Project Manager | Mental Health Advocate 💙


Over the years, I've served in multi-faceted roles calling for team building, operations/project management, HSE, ESG, sustainability, entrepreneurial, marketing, and communications skillsets. As an land advisor, ecologist & tree-ring researcher, I have developed scientific skills & talents. As a human who has lived, I've developed compassion, resiliency, fierce allyship, and a determination to live a full life while helping others to have the same. I apply all the aforementioned experience to my current roles as business owner and scientific advisor. I love working with old buildings, trees, land, and people, and the intimate bonds people have with nature is truly inspiring! I really do enjoy it :) Additionally, I really enjoy public education and am available to nature-based orgs and industry for workshops, camps, presentations, etc.

In all efforts, I try to maintain a therapeutic mindset; holding space, while listening to others. I advocate for this approach and for the development of compassionate, inclusive cultures. I support mental health advocacy in the workplace and breaking down stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness. I am an OCDvocate, supporting the work of the International OCD Foundation, and a Talk Saves Lives Trainer for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP).


The main focus of my research work is on forest ecosystems and historic changes in land use. More specifically, I use forestry methods & dendrochronology (study of tree rings) to look at forest age and composition, and reconstruct historic fire regimes of landscapes. Additionally, I find a ton of joy in dating old buildings and finding old trees!

Most importantly, I have the privilege of having an amazing partner and four wonderful kids.

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