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Fireside Ch@s w/ @JoeBuckInNature on YouTube

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Sanding Large Cross Sections for Dendrochronology: Tips & Tricks of the Dendro Trade (w/ Microscopy)
Sanding Large Cross Sections for Dendrochronology: Tips & Tricks of the Dendro Trade (w/ Microscopy)
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Dendrochronology Sanding Tutorial (Short Version): How to Sand a Cross Section (Tree Cookie)
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Dendrochronology Sanding Tutorial: Prepping a Tree Cookie Sample from Start to Finish
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Ep 25: Dr. Drew Lorrey - Paleoclimatology, Kauri Subfossil Trees, Shrinking Glaciers, & Wine :)
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Fire & Vegetation Specialist

Jane Park (Ep. 22)

Jane Park is the Fire & Vegetation Management Specialist for the Banff National Park Field Unit for Parks Canada. Jane is an Incident Commander and manages prescribed burning all over Canada’s National Parks to achieve restoration & conservation goals. Jane is a strong advocate for ensuring diversity, equity, inclusion in the workplace, including cooperating with and incorporating indigenous knowledge of fire on the landscape. Her efforts in changing fire culture in Canada around harassment & discrimination have been influential. This Fireside Chat was the perfect mashup of informative and fun!


Twitter: [at]fireminded

Banff National Park:

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Talking Forests, Virtual International Social Media Consultant

Candra Burns (Ep. 21)

Candra Burns is a Virtual International Social Media Consultant, Speaker, Podcaster, Content Creator, Digital Marketer who is bridging age, diversity, and sustainability. Recently, Candra was living in Germany, traveling through Europe, and now is in North Carolina, traveling the East Coast of the US, creating & managing content for websites & social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter to increase your engagement all over the world. Candra is passionate about helping others, promoting Women in Wood & Forestry, and lots of other topics I’m into, including mental health. Check out Candra's podcast and website in the links below!

Talking Forests:


Twitter: [at]talkingforests




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Interdisciplinary Forest Scientist

Dr. Jodi Axelson (Ep. 20)

Dr. Jodi Axelson is an interdisciplinary scientist based in Victoria BC, conducting applied research by drawing from the fields of forestry, applied ecology, entomology, dendrochronology, and wood anatomy. Jodi is the research lead in silviculture for the BC Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operation and Rural Development. Jodi is also the President of The Tree Ring Society and is a wonderful example of everything a scientist can aspire to be. She achieves as a published scientist, has worked her way up in & out of academia, and gives back as an amazing person and ever-supportive mentor to others.

Twitter: [at]DisturbedDendro

Faculty Page:

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Conservationist, Author: How to Conserve Conservationists, Founder: Lonely Conservationists

Jessie Panazzolo (Ep. 19)

Jessie Panazzolo is a conservationists, author of the wonderful book, "How to Conserve Conservationists", co-host of the podcast of the same title, and Founder of Lonely Conservationists. Lonely Conservationists is a global online community working to help conservationists thrive by providing a platform to be heard, a strong community foundation and safe space for people longing for connection in a field that often sees some of the world's most passionate and caring people moving away from everything familiar to try to change the world for the better. Jessie is the real deal. A solid human, bringing comfort and connection to the world-changers. I can't recommend her book, podcast, and blog enough!

Twitter: [at]LonelyConserve

Instagram: [at]lonelyconservationists

Website & Blog:

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